14 January, 2010

Real Guns - Master Collection -

Original high quality real mechanism gun app + Special virtual reality games.

Real Guns series are sold single product until recently.
Now, real guns reborn with more guns and exciting games.

Especially, This MASTER COLLECTION has virtual reality 3 games that you never seen.
It uses compass, tilting sensor and sound managing capabilities.

Thrilling hand !!
Real Guns are similar to the actual size.
Enjoy the amazing survival game with your friends.

- Glock 17 and Beretta 92FS are unlocked in this app.
- Zombie hunt game is unlocked in this app.
- You have already 3000 bonus point.

Get point from gun shot and games. So save your bucks.

★ You can collect these:

- Glock (17, 22, 26)
- Beretta 92FS (Classic / Wood)
- Desert Eagle (Silver / Gold)
- COLT 45 M1911 (A1 / Old)
- Tazer gun
- Chain saw
- Grenade (Type1 / Type2)
- Shotgun Mossberg M500 (Classic / Mariner)
- Browing M1900
Total: 17 guns + Coming soon new guns

- Zombie hunt
- Western duel
- Car shoot
Total: 3 games

★ Single gun has these features:
- Safety lever
- Slide catch laver
- Trigger
- Reversible magazine release button
- Real size release magazine
- Recoil
- Smoke
- Gunshot sound
- Vibration (iPhone only)

★ Virtual reality game use these features:
- Compass sensor
- Tilting sensor
- Sound managing
- Leader board (local / global ranking)

If you already have rgGun series.
Download REAL GUNS MASTER COLLECTION and wait next update for your previous downloaded rgGun. (rgGun series. version 1.1.0)
It'll be used to unlock gun in master collection.

If you're using iPod Touch 1st generation, please change the global sound setting.
Home > Settings > General > Sounds > Sound Effects > Both

This is NOT just a sound generator, but an interactive realistic gun simulator & games.

★ Feel stressed?
If you want to actual size guns?
If you want to virtual reality games?
Download "Real Guns - Master Collection -" and shoot'em up!!

★ Zombie hunt

Support device:
iPhone 3GS higher. (Must have compass sensor)

Unknown island, There was incident in the spread of the T virus from special virus research institute.
They all became zombies except me.
You barely escaped into the armory. There is no lights.
Just listen their sounds and Kill zombies!!
The only way to exit is never die.
Good luck.

How to play:
1. Hold your position.
2. Look around you.
3. Zombie comes towards you.
5. If you listen to zombie sound, stop and shoot a gun.
6. Completely zombie dead. Quickly find another zombies.
7. Be careful, Sometimes comes a big zombie that is very strong and violent.

★ Western duel

In 1850, You were a famous gunman.
Colorful past after you became a cowboy.
One day, The gangs coming to your farm for robbing.
They challenge you to a duel, on and on.
How many times do you defend? Show your ability.

How to play:
1. Hands down with the gun.
2. Listen to "SHOT" sound, after then count down.
3. Shoot gun quickly. And never die next duel.

★ Car shoot

You were a happy ordinary worker.
One day, you lost your wife and children from carjacking gangs in highway.
You barely survived.
Some weeks later, You're waiting near the gang's hideout for your revenge.
The bullet is not much. You can shoot one bullet per car.
Now, they are coming!

How to play:
1. Listen to car sound.
2. Shoot the guns at the biggest sound volume of car. (Just one shot!)
3. Wait for next car.



  1. every time i play it it says i need commpass or something

  2. im doing a youtube app review and i want to do my first review on this app. i was thinking Maybe i could get some promo codes for this app to give to some of my first subscribers? If i can (or cant) just send me a email at Garrettkelsey96@gmail.com and thanks!

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  4. Hi there. #1 on the "Zombie Hunt" leaderbord here, just wanting to say I Love this App! 2 things tho, 1: the animation on the Uzi reload the chamber needs to lock open when out of rounds and just tap the bolt slide at the top like in the movies where they just hit the bolt slide. 2: the chainsaw Really needs to be aplicable in "Zombie Hunt"

  5. 嗨!很喜歡來這欣賞你的作品,幫你推推推當上人氣王唷.........................

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  7. Gosh, recently, I lost my iPod touch, so I quickly bought a new one with almost all of my money, and then I re setted my iPod with the backup from my computer, but all memories are lost. Although I got back the app, I lost my guns and games. I used real money to purchase that! I hate it how t doesn't have a "Restore Purchases" option like F. A. S. T. Does...

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  12. Has this app been abandoned? the last updates was two years ago.

  13. How do I restore my game, I had everything unlocked and I switched phones. Was even #1 on Zombie Hunt leaderboard for a long time. Formerly AzraelDeGallos