20 July, 2009

A Realistic bubblewrap : BubblePop!

BubblePop! is the realistic bubble wrap simulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


Realistic big size bubble panel used.
Popping animation was used in the three frames.

Bonus service!
Provides support for eight kinds of colors.
You can change the size of the bubbles.
If you want to realistic bubblewrap?
BubblePop! for you.

- Classic mode
- Time mode
- Mine mode
- 8 bubblewrap colors
- 3 type size
- 3 type sounds
- Joypad
- Drag popping option
- Realistic / Fast popping option

1 comment:

  1. Hello,

    I am a fan of your bubble wrap app and I have an idea for an app that I thought you would be ideal to develop. The app involves something that builds on the same addictiveness that leads people to incessantly pop plastic bubbles. I assure you there is nothing untoward about the app. I am a professor at a school in southern NJ; you can see me online at http://williamwolff.org. My email address us on the site. Please contact me if you're interested in hearing my idea.